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Full Human Resource Services...

Hudson Valley Resource Group, Inc. offers a variety of Human Resource services that we can customize to your specific company needs.

  • Employer responsibilities are to be in compliance with Department of Labor, State and Federal laws, if not, the repercussions can be devastating.

Let our Human Resource experts ease your mind as we keep abreast of the ever-changing Labor Laws. We can inform and assist your company with the following Human Resource needs:

  • we perform full Human Resource Audits*

  • we provide consulting and compliance on all human resource topics

  • provide policies on important topics such as sexual anti-harassment and substance abuse

  • we have the ability to review, revise or create an employee handbook** covering policies and procedures specifically designed for your company

  • establish policies and procedures for annual employee performance evaluations

  • provide training programs including interviewing and orientation

  • keep current on questions, issues and trends related to Federal and State Labor Laws

  • we provide Labor Law posters that are mandated by law and must be conspicuously displayed
    protecting your direct employee relationships resulting in union avoidance

  • we can assist with reviewing/writing/designing non-compete agreements, sales agreements, commission agreements and job applications

  • we provide civil and criminal background through Hudson Investigative and Security Service - Private Investigators

  • assist with legal termination of employees

  • implement internal job postings, write startup/hiring letters and organizational charts

  • we are able to assist with hiring new employees

  • assist with reviewing and updating your current company policy as it relates to vacation, personal and sick time

  • assist with employee benefits: Section 125, health insurance, 401k/pension plans, voluntary benefits, NYS Statutory Disability, Group Life, Workers' Compensation... along with many other products

*Human Resource Audit – can significantly reduce your risk for legal and/or regulatory liability that may arise from a company’s HR policies and procedures or the lack thereof. An HR Audit takes an objective look at your company’s “current state” by evaluating its’ policies, practices, procedures and strategies. Non compliance with applicable laws and regulations has potential significant financial risk. For example the mandatory Notice/Acknowledgment of Wage Rate/Designated Payday Forms, the mandatory I9 Form, mandatory proper classification of exempt vs. non-exempt employee status and maintaining proper mandatory contents of personnel files to name only a few of the laws businesses must abide by. An audit can help determine whether specific areas within your company are adequate, legal and/or effective.

**Employee Handbook – this is one of your first steps in being in compliance as well as a great tool in communicating with your employees. Whether we design a custom made handbook for your company or review and update your present handbook, we highly recommend that you have a fully executed Employee Handbook in place which includes a signed Acknowledgment Form from all employees.

When compliance matters, the best strategy is to be proactive!


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