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Full Payroll Services...

Hudson Valley Resource Group, Inc. provides a variety of processing options custom-tailored to your company's specific needs.


Your responsibilities are minimal!

  • All you have to do is submit the hours via fax, email, phone or online

And we take it from there...

  • calculate all wages and manage your payroll account transfers

  • you have the choice of direct deposit*, physical checks processed with your preprinted signature, online pay stubs, or you can write checks yourself with net figures we provide

  • we manage all 401k, child support, insurance and other deductions** and will even arrange to pay them electronically or by check if you wish. We also keep abreast of which deductions are categorized as taxable or pretaxed

  • we calculate and process all Federal, State and Local taxes which allows you peace-of-mind knowing all taxes are paid accurately and timely

  • with each payroll, also monthly, quarterly and annually you can receive any reports you wish

  • there are a variety of delivery options to receive your payroll; you can pick it up at our convenient location, have a pdf file emailed to print the stubs and reports, have them mailed via US Postal Service or even shipped overnight for a minimal fee

  • we prepare all quarterly and annual payroll tax reports and process all employee W-2's at year end

  • we provide phone support in which a live person answers the phone

  • also available is XactPay for workers' compensation*** pay-as-you-go premium payments

More in-depth detail about some of our key features:


*Direct Deposit - becoming more "the norm", employees are electing to have their pay directly deposited into their account, or accounts, as opposed to receiving physical checks which can be lost or stolen. The employees can choose as many accounts as they'd like to have their pay distributed to. The benefit to the employer is decreased time spent on bank reconciliations and employees using company time to cash their checks.


**Deductions - we manage all deductions including paying any agencies whether it be per payroll, monthly or quarterly. For instance, you have a 401k plan the employees contribute to which requires a check be paid to the 401k company within 15 days of the payroll date. We will process payment to the 401k company directly or provide you with the figures if you prefer to handle it yourself. We will also provide an Agency Payment Detail for your records which itemizes exactly how much was deducted from each employee's check.


***Workers' Comp - with our XactPay program for workers' compensation, the premiums are paid one payroll at a time and the funds are deducted automatically from your account. This eliminates large upfront costs and minimizes year-end audit activity.


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